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Remembering your life today Cory, R.I.P.

Sometimes, even the best of us are taken much too soon...
Today I am saying goodbye to a childhood friend and an amazing person.
Growing up together you never think that person would just be gone one day so young.
I don't think it's truly hit home yet but I know it will today at his memorial.
You were a good kid & an awesome man, Cory...You'll always be in my heart.

I'd like to believe Cory left our world how most of us hope to, peaceful; for the most part doing the things he loved in life. I know he left all of us doing those things he loved and living the life with the success we all strive for at this time.
I leave you with some thoughts I believe Cory would want us to live by…

"Death is nothing at all.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
Whatever we were to each other, we still are.
Call me by my old familiar name.
Speak to me in the way you always did.
Put no difference in your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed,
At the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think, and pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word
That it always was.
Let it be spoken without affect, without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same that it ever was.
There is absolutely unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you,
For an interval,
Somewhere very near,
Just around the corner…
All is well."

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.”

“Judge nothing, you will be happy, Forgive everything, you will be happier, Love everything you will be happiest.”

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.”
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  • 16:07 Had wished I brought a fake ID but been served without a doubt since I got here :) wheeew #
  • 18:52 Watching vamp. Diaries ahhh #
  • 21:51 I miss my dandan. Things just haven't been the same. Hope this changes... #
  • 22:16 Ahhh! Friday the 13th!!! #
  • 22:17 @alluringheart I'm so so sorry babe :( ily #
  • 22:20 Off to bed. It's midnight here...body clock still off & screwed up. Work early am... #
  • 22:43 Having trouble sleeping without him. His phones off. Everything is weird with him lately...he's just different. I don't get it. #
  • 22:54 This is slowly killing me. Eating at me... </3 #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 06:26 Boarding my flight! Next stop charlotte, NC ;) #
  • 11:41 My tummy hurts :( my body is so achy it doesn't know if It's hungry, or sleepy...& this rainy weather isn't helping. #
  • 11:43 Can't wait to sleep in an actual bed...so achy. Still runny nose & sneezy :( boo! #
  • 11:52 The men here act like they've never seen blondes. Maybe It's our western flair ;) funny to think I have an accent to everyone here! #
  • 12:18 About to board to west palm beach fl finallyyyyy #
  • 20:56 Playing with @danieljtw hehe #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 12:27 @janeshazel no kidding! Sorry about your hair what happened? #
  • 13:57 The girl that was going to cover my shift isn't responding. Fabulous. #
  • 14:03 I'm sick & aggravated. I wish people wouldn't be flaky. If you don't want to work TELL ME! I'm sick & need a few hours to get ready :( #
  • 14:04 @caiters2071 sounds good. When I get back :) #
  • 14:16 Guess I'll start getting ready to close roadhouse. I'm so sick of this. #
  • 14:20 Phew. Still gonna cover it. Thank god. I was in panic mode lol #
  • 14:48 The firelight skit on SNL with taylor swift was hilarious! #
  • 15:01 Somebody come pack for me :( blahhhh #
  • 15:42 I'm standing in front of my mirror staring...I don't wanna pack, or get ready...I'm so whiney when I'm sick. #
  • 16:57 Running to the bank then work for tipshare. Home then packing. #
  • 17:38 Just saw two people meet & walk into roadhouse. Either a blind date or internet meet haha #
  • 17:39 People are driving crazyy #
  • 17:41 Dinner with the bestest. #
  • 17:43 @caiters2071 I know dummy katie told me - then I wrote that lol <3 #
  • 17:45 Starbucks stop - craving a caramel frap sooo bad! #
  • 17:56 Asked the bus boy if our table was clean now & he said 'no' I was getting up he laughed & said he was kidding ...I'm so irritable haha #
  • 23:20 Freggin left my house - forgot my bra...drove all the way to notice I left my phone charger...son of a! #
  • 23:21 And my camera? What was I thinking? Errr #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 11:38 Started sneezing constantly at work last night. Took airbourne before bed still stuffy with a sore throat. If I get sick before vacation... #
  • 12:48 For the record dan is no help when I'm sick. He sucks. He stays away from me. I miss my mommy :( #
  • 13:08 twitpic.com/owtif My little roo is always cuddled right up next to me though. Love her so. #
  • 15:56 Still feeling crappy but feeling a bit better after a long hot shower #
  • 23:44 Ughhhhh hopedull after sleep I'll feel better, night! #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 11:32 I'm so done with dish. The new england game channel just went out & the cards is fine. Epic FAIL dish. #
  • 11:43 Of all games too. Miami is goin' downnnnn #
  • 13:12 Wheww! Touchdown! That was awesome! Go moss! #
  • 14:47 Good game day Cards big deafeat & Pats...hate to say - I TOLD YOU SO! ♥ #
  • 14:47 Off to lunch with my love. One of our last days together. :( #
  • 14:48 Just finished @katafie929 's engaement shoot makeup. Can't wait to see the outcome! You look gorgeous! #
  • 15:08 @katafie929 keeps butt texting me haha #
  • 17:11 Poor roo saw me put on my tennies for work & thought I was taking her for a w-a-l-k :( heartbroken wish I had time poor baby #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 18:31 twitpic.com/op2fu Nothin quite like a western sunset #
  • 18:39 I knew d did laundry when I came in & there was a trail of dryer sheets to the bedroom&all the clothes thrown on the bed. Thanks brat! #
  • 23:46 Hittin' the sheets. Happy my roo is here to cuddle me at least. Waiting for D to get home. Pfft. Night loves xxx #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 11:00 RT @tinybuddha: "The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." -Elbert Hubbard #
  • 11:04 Working tonight, tomorrow morning, closing mon&tues then after my shift tues driving to the airport & taking off to fl at 3am...oy #
  • 11:04 Slept on my couch til 9am. I am sooo sore. Dammit. #
  • 14:38 I suppose i will quite procrastinating now. Eat some breakfast, coffee, shower & work. But I don't wanna. #
  • 14:39 The #droid will definitely be my next phone. Hmmm... #
  • 14:45 My boobs barely fit in my bikini....dammit! #
♥ - Jenne Jenne
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  • 12:11 oh colorado ~ you've never looked so damn good. #
  • 13:33 Where did JTT ever go? Watching home improvement I had a childhood love for the kid. #
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  • 09:29 Hangover...didn't sleep since 6 up now at 9 preparing to make it to my hair appt on time. #
  • 10:37 @katafie929 what a whore. #
  • 11:06 </3 my stylist is making a career change jan 2010 whatever will I do? #
  • 11:51 Every opportunity is falling into place for moving to CO next year. Keeping my fingers crossed :) #
  • 14:37 Second time in a week work has tried calling me in on my days off. Ugh #
  • 19:05 @janeshazel life doesn't get much better babe! #
♥ - Jenne Jenne